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Financial Planning and Consulting
Develop a portfolio for yourself based on your goals,
efficient strategies, and time-tested adjustments
personally designed to help arrive at your dreams.
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Many Americans today are plagued with the trials arising from
the aging of a family member. Many strategies and adjustments
are available for all families struggling with aging. A free
consultation will help identify areas of concern allowing for a
comprehensive financial plan that helps to relieve these
This insurance area is in a time of turbulence. Recently
passed legislation will only add to the confusion. This
confusion should inspire a review of its continued presence
in your financial plan.
One of the most difficult financial planning areas is assisting
a client in determining how much, when, and where to retire.
The complexities of this planning are significant. We
coordinate employer, personal, and potential future sources
to arrive at efficient decisions.
Managing the distribution of accumulated wealth will most
likely be the largest area for families to contemplate.
Transferring wealth comes replete with unrecognized
expenses and dangers that must be addressed. The
proper documents, titling, and directives will be developed.
An area that Americans are continually confronted with is the
evolution of their coordinated debt. Continual advertising
assault by credit card issuers forces many to make
short-term decisions that are frequently in error. A
significantly sized mortgage must be monitored and
payment schedules adjusted to make an efficient operation.
Many financial lives are disrupted by a disability or
premature death. Although uncomfortable, a frank
discussion of goals and application of financial planning
techniques usually goes far in resolving issues in this area.
Review of past tax returns allows for better planning of tax
withholding and payments. Cutting taxes should be
considered in every financial planning decision. Cutting
taxes should never be the only issue addressed.
Seldom is one of the aforementioned areas handled
exclusively. A well-designed financial plan frequently brings
calm to chaos.
We can review and advise on single, simple subjects or
complex multi-faceted issues.
We work at developing an ongoing, productive relationship.
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Management, buying, selling, investing in real estate
requires a diligent expert approach. The inclusion of real
estate in one's life has become an important factor. We
represent a time-tested, experience-based way to include
or transact real estate in one's overall financial